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Audience at Lecture


Join us for one (or ALL!) of these insightful presentations!

Each presenter will be on the main stage & seating will be available.

Have your questions ready - we're up for some great discussions.

1040am - 1100am

Reducing the risk of falls on stairs and in bathrooms, for all age groups

Stairs and bathrooms are the most common locations for injurious falls.  Nancy will explain why injurious falls in bathrooms and on stairs are so common, and how these falls can be prevented.  This presentation will focus on how we can work together to make changes to the built environment in our homes.  

Nancy Edwards
Sean MacGinnis

BuildABLE Accessible Design & Renovations
1100am - 1125am

Making Your Home Accessible -

Without Compromising on Style.


What can you do to adapt your home to be more accessible, without it looking like a hospital? We all want a beautiful, safe home that not only reflects our personal style, but also meets our personal needs (no matter what they may be). Find out about some common accessibility myths  and how you can make barrier-free living - beautiful.



"When the world says "give up"-

hope whispers "try it one more time."



In May 2015, Michelle experienced a tragic fall that forever changed the course of her life. The fall resulted in the sudden loss of mobility and independence due to a spinal cord injury that left her grappling with disbelief, shock and uncertainty about her future. Despite the overwhelming challenges ahead, she would not succumb to despair and was determined to rise above her circumstances.

Michelle pursued her independence, and the strength to maintain her passion of physical activity and refused to be limited by physical constraints. Through adaptive equipment, she enjoys driving her vehicle using adaptive hand controls, riding outdoors in her recumbent bike and teaching a Spin class with a hand cycle.

Michelle shares her courageous journey in being a motivational speaker and is in the process of writing her first book of her deeply personal journey though the highs and lows of living with a spinal cord injury. 

Michelle Earle


Developing a low-cost robotic mobile arm!


Find out how this UOttawa team of engineers and partners living with disabilities have collaborated to create a robotic arm to assist people with limited mobility. Find out how you can get involved and hear about their journey to the top competitions in the world to bring this to life.


Boxing 4 Health

Movement is life and life is movement!

100pm - 130pm  

Boxing 4 Health is an Independent Health Facility that offers a wide range of instructor led, research backed, high-intensity exercise programs and services for seniors and people with Parkinson's disease. 


Join Boxing4Health for a fun movement demonstration!  We will showcase some simple exercises and boxing moves that will lay the foundation for better balance, posture and overall body strength.  Let Boxing4Health help you age in place, and join us in our "exercise ring"  which promises to get your blood pumping and a smile on your face!



Want to keep track of when these wonderful presentations will happen? Download the schedule!

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